Government drives energy drink health warning

The Government’s has stepped in yet again to ensure that members of the South African public are fully informed and forewarned when it comes to making food and beverage choices.

 Says Kelly Thompson, Partner – Trademark Litigation Department of Adams & Adams: “the Minister of Health has proposed regulations which will make it a requirement that certain soft drinks containing more than 150mg per litre of caffeine and which are aimed at enhancing mental performance (so-called ‘energy drinks’) bear labelling warning the public of the high caffeine content.  The labels must also state that the products are not recommended for children under twelve years of age, pregnant women and persons sensitive to caffeine.”


According to Thompson the warning will also be required to state that the products are not to be consumed as a mixture with alcoholic beverages. As is the case with other government warnings, it is debatable what the effect of these regulations will be and whether the public will heed the warnings.

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