Supa Strikas Scores 100!

Supa Strikas Scores 100!

SupaStrikasOver the past decade Strika Entertainment has enjoyed success both locally and internationally through its flagship product the Supa Strikas. The serialised soccer comic kicked-off from a small production studio in Cape Town in 2001 and is now broadcast as a multilingual 26-part half-hour series on channels including Disney Asia and ESPN StarSports.

SupaStrikas“The biggest milestone has been the publication of our 100th issue of the Supa Strikas comic in the Sunday Times which appeared in December, last year, says Supa Strikas CEO, Richard Morgan-Grenville.  Supa Strikas expanded the concept in other African countries and later even further afield: Colombia, Pakistan, Norway, Finland, El Salvador, Sweden and Malaysia.

“With Supa Strikas collector cards, the Caltex Game On promotion gave families a compelling reason to choose Caltex over competitors and this had a direct impact on fuel sales,” says Morgan-Grenville. In 2008 Supa Strikas exploded onto TV screens in Africa, Latin America, Europe and South East Asia. The animated series took the Supa Strikas brand to new levels of popularity.

SupaStrikas“Recently we launched our first major consumer product, Supa Strikas Clover Juice. It’s selling beyond our expectations and we are continuing with a merchandising strategy. In 2011 we’re expanding our print product to six new territories and we will also be bringing out Supa Strikas apps for both Nokia and Apple”, reveals Morgan-Grenville.

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    you are gr8t supa strikas ! i wnt myself in supa strikas

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