Rian van Heerden joins Jacaranda 94.2

“Radio personality”, “stand-up comedian”, “columnist”, “TV talk show host” or simply “the guy who is prepared to stick his head up ANY lion’s mouth”. What you call him really doesn’t matter. What does… is that Rian van Heerden will be joining Jacaranda 94.2’s on-air team from 4 July 2011.

Rian, also the host of Rian on KykNET, is well known for provoking anything from insightful and entertaining discussions to heated debates around the topics on everyone’s lips, and will be presenting “THAT SHOW” on Jacaranda 94.2, weekdays between 7:30pm and 10pm.

With features like

·         I’m regular! – where Fifi the Dwarf, Jan the Hobo, Angie the prostitute, Bob the New York smokehouse chef and Oom Stoffel share their views on the world once every second week.

  • Taste Test: chart topping tunes from 10 radio stations in the furthest corners of the globe, back to back!
  • Rate this day: we decide if the day was good, bad or ugly. Listeners vote on the blog, via SMS or by phoning in. All the “best of” will be played on air!

·         GONG guess: Every day a different object is used to hit a gong. Listeners guess what we used with the help of some interesting clues!

  • Beauty Pageant Interview: high profile or celebrity guests are interviewed and asked questions from a bowl containing questions once used at beauty pageants!
  • Top 10: A weekly Top 10 – announced on Fridays. A theme is announced on a Monday and listeners phone in to leave a message.  The top 10 calls will be played out on a Friday. Themes will be… “unusual”, i.e. “Things you don’t want to hear when waking up” or “Ways to amuse yourself on the N1”. Entertaining? More than mildly!

·         2nd Chance: We will record a number of professionals when they are at their busiest. I.e. a traffic cop manning a busy crossing, a pilot before take-off, a boxer outside the ring, a bus driver while trying to manoeuvre through heavy traffic, a bee keeper…We play the song they requested… then we play one we deem to be more “fitting” of their profession!

·         Who’s that animal? : Lisa the bartender is used to all sorts of animals! She makes the sound of some odd animal and tells us later in the show what the hell that thing was…supported by a few fun facts 50/50 style!

In Rian’s own words: “In South Africa the opinion is an endangered species. In expressing mine, I’ve been fired (numerous times), sued and blik… well… let’s just say ‘handled’. Still I believe that the only way to tame this animal is to show you’ve lost all fear of it. So, bring your thoughts, opinions, beliefs, quirky comments, interesting bits of info, and non-interesting bits of info… ALL of it, to this show.”


“And don’t expect something too serious”, he continues, “We want to have FUN too, for crying out loud!”


Neil Johnson, Programme Manager at Jacaranda 94.2 says: “Our listeners, and Jacaranda as a station, are passionate about changing people’s lives for good. Seeing as a good change almost always starts with a good chat, and Rian delivers exactly that, this is a natural match. We are confident that he will be a great addition to an already star-studded line up.”



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6 Responses to Rian van Heerden joins Jacaranda 94.2

  1. Piet Barnard August 16, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

    Ja dit is dan ook die laaste keer wat ek na Jakaranda sal luister. Hierdie ou is n siek, Gay, Afrikaner veraaier en het duidelik nog nie by die lyke van vertkragte en vermoorde blanke mense gestaan en gesien wat geweld aan hulle gedoen het nie. Hy is vol opinies maar ek sal hom graag wil uitdaag tot n debat oor sy afrikaner veraaier mentaliteit en hoor of hy in staat is om n debat te voer met n regte man. Hy kies sy oponente uit swakelinge of on ervare mense wat nog nie rerig die lewe gesien het nie en ook nie rerig n opinie of die agtergrond het om hulle self te verdedig nie.Ek is jammer dat my gunsteling radio stasie so laag gedaal het dat hulle n swakkeling soos hierdie gekies het om n radio omroeper by hulle te word. Riaan gesels met my in die openbaar dat ons kan sien of jy rerig so slim is wat jy dink – of gaan jy my ook afsny wanneer die waarheid te naby aan die been begin sny – jou veraaier swakkeling

  2. Janine September 26, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

    ??? well, ek dink Riaan is die beste ding wat met Jakaranda gebeur het. I find him extremely amusing and can’t wait to tune into his show in the evenings. I love his comments regarding the happenings of the day… very amusing indeed. I have not, so far, found him guilty of anything you have accused him of. En ek is ‘n afrikaner, born and bred – My voorvader was Louis Trichardt. So Riaan, keep up the good work – maar wat het van jou inlui musiek-opening of the spaceshit – gebeur? I miss it. the new one is not the same, and doesn’t alert me to the start of your program as the old one. Bring it back! I also find your guests amusing and amazing. So don’t go anywhere! jy is skreeu snaaks – luv u and your program. Keep up the good work!

  3. Johann November 22, 2011 at 6:21 am #

    Last night show was fantastic. Rian keep it up! I was at worked when i received a call that i had to listen to Jacaranda. What a great show!

  4. Jaco Erasmus February 3, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    Riaan jy rock jy kan nogal bril met n lat agter jou g…….

  5. Riekie February 9, 2012 at 2:22 pm #

    Ai tog ou Riaan, ons het ‘n engel dogter van 21 jaar wat in Nuwe Hoop skool was en sy dink jy is die oulikste, snaakste persoon. Sy geniet jou pittigheid en opinies vreeslik. Sy het nou wel ‘n brein wat gedeeltelik breindood is en die kant wat nie breindood is, kan jou sin vir humor vreeslik verstaan en waardeer. Jy is haar gunsteling op die stasie. Jy moet nou maar vir my laat weet hoe gaan ek dit aan haar verduidelik wat jy ongelukkig kwytgeraak het. Ons is almal Christene en moet vergeet en vergeef. Baie maklik, maar verstaan jy die brein van so ‘n dogter? Ek vrees vir die verskriklike seer in haar hartjie en teleurstelling op haar gesig as sy hoor wat jy kwytgeraak het van Nuwe Hoop skool. Weet jy hoe begeer sy dit om ook normaal te wees en nie mank te kan loop. Kan maar net hoop dat sy sal verstaan dat dit ‘n glips was en jy dit nie so bedoel het en nog so lief vir jou sal wees.

  6. Lin February 16, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    asb haal net vir Riaan af. Jakaranda is nou so common as wat kan kom. dis ‘n orige kinderagtige stasie nou. riaan gaan speel op ‘n ander plek asb.

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