Med Lemon winter campaign is an attention grabber

Warmth, strength and cold-busting are three words that have become synonymous with Med Lemon hot cold remedy. ComutaNet was challenged to heat the GSK brand’s annual winter campaign. ComutaNet employed the latest outdoor reflective technology to create distinctive Med Lemon BrandMarks; ensuring this winter warming brand shone into the hearts and minds of their target market.

The artwork splashed on the 3-dimensional 6m x 2,5m BrandMarks at ten of SA’s busiest taxi ranks included a highly reflective vinyl which is illuminated by any artificial light. The emblematic Med Lemon cross as well as other “hot” features in the advert were ignited with the unique reflective feature.  This distinctive attention-grabber not only encapsulates the brand’s values but also communicates their understanding of the conditions commuters have to endure while bracing the icy chill in the dusk and dawn travelling times.

ComutaNet are managing an integrated campaign for Med Lemon consisting of three phases; the unique reflective outdoor campaign, a large scale interactive in-queue edu-activation and a CSI project that has allowed more communities to feel the warmth of Med Lemon

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