Cadbury Perk creates awarness through animation

Kraft Foods is using the perfect medium to create awareness of its new Cadbury Perk chocolate bar to Daily Sun readers. Through Unlimited’s creative comic experts Mamba Media, and its weekly Soccer Warrior comic strip, the newly launched Cadbury Perk is set to be sweet news for its readers.

Launched earlier this year, the Cadbury Perk campaign aims to create awareness amongst its target market by interweaving the brand into the storyline of the popular weekly Soccer Warrior comic featured in the Daily Sun.

In the current campaign, Perk is not only subtly integrated into the storyline but showcased and reinforced in an advertising strip at the bottom of the comic.

Blake Esra, Account Manager at Mamba Media, says, “As the campaign progresses over the two month period, we will be introducing a character called Captain Perk, to add a personality and positive association to the brand.”

“Our research has shown that Soccer Warrior has a huge fan base, with some readers purchasing the newspaper just to read the comic.”

According to Mamba Media, the concept of relating products, brands and service information to consumers in the comic format, is gaining momentum, with the associated products being seen in a positive light. “What’s great about this form of advertising is that the subtle product placement interspersed in the comic allows the reader to engage with an advertiser without pressure to purchase,” adds Esra.

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