Amstel launches new packaging designs


Building on the brand mission of providing consumers with a premium experience, Amstel commissioned the internationally renowned design agency Vbat to design a complete new packaging identity that reflected our quality and premium positioning. “Packaging is the most tangible point of contact with our consumer and the new look reflects not only the quality of our beer, but further enhances our premium nature.” says Diederik Vos, Marketing Manager Amstel Lager.


The redesigned packaging intensifies Amstel’s iconic green and gold colours. Striking new design elements on the bottle itself and through the use of a modern, clear plastic label capture the progressive attitude of the brand. The bottle is taller, more slender and more comfortable to hold. The “shoulders” are pronounced in profile, more masculine, giving the whole bottle a bit more stature. At the base it is signed off with beautiful Amstel embossing, carefully balanced against the elegantly updated gold foil on the neck. Fans will also note that the new round badge is now also printed on the bottle top bringing the whole pack together in a more engaging and rewarding way. Finally we now proudly display our promise of Slow Brewed Extra Matured beer where it should be – up front.


The new look has also been applied to the cans and across all our secondary packaging. It’s more of a revolution. Firstly the design enhances the feel and the colour. A distinctive golden arc defines the rich green and gold across the can making it vibrant and giving it standout appeal. It’s a contemporary feel that brings the new round logo to life and, as with the bottle, allows our Slow Brewed promise to stand proud.
In research consumers simply love “their new packs”, adopting them as their own from the very first viewing. “The new pack is stylish and striking with a modern feel. It truly stands out compared to other brands,” commented one of the consumers, summing up the excitement surrounding the new pack. “Amstel has always been a premium beer, and the new sophisticated and attractive look puts it in a class of its own.” says another.

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