Great win for Trigger Isobar at Bookmarks

Trigger Isobar snap, crackle, build and run to cross the finish line ahead of the pack

2012 has been an incredible year for the team and clients of Trigger Isobar. Close on the heels of top accolades at both the Pendorings and Loerie Awards, 4 of their client campaigns were nominated as finalists, and they walked off with a Gold and Silver at the 2012 Bookmark Awards, held on Thursday, 1 November in Cape Town.

The client campaigns taking top honors were Nike Run Jozi (gold) and Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Story Time (silver), with their Cell C Be Now and Cell C Contract Builder campaigns listed as finalists.  Trigger Isobar have always worked in partnership with their clients and are truly part of the team to achieve business goals, great consumer connections and interaction through their leading innovations in the digital arena.

It’s not just a race; it’s about the pace and getting gold

How do you get young influencers to become part of the Nike running community in SA? You ask them to take back their streets and run in the centre of the so-called crime capital of the world…at night. The challenge was to get 20 000 runners to participate and as each new entry came in a new part of the route was revealed.  The medium was Face Book and the deadline was a few weeks. The results – 17 000 runners registered, more than 54% were the exact target market for Nike SA with 19 281 new and engaging Facebook fans interacting with the brand and some 103 000 of their friends.


Silver for Connecting parents and kids the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies way

Most moms in SA are juggling several tasks at home and work and they struggle to find time to read to their kids. Trigger Isobar created 4 fun stories that were illustrated and printed on the back of Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® boxes. Then they added some magic.  All 4 stories can be downloaded via a USSD number on the back of the packs and once downloaded, they are yours to keep and listen to as many times as you want.  Downloads were available in Zulu, Afrikaans and English.  By using simple cell phone technology available to everybody   Trigger Isobar was able to connect Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and its market in a meaningful way. The stories are also available on Facebook and the Rice Krispies® website. The campaign launched mid July and to date has had over 63 000 interactions and downloads.

Cell C contracts and consumer champion

With over 51 000 variables, cell phone contracts have become confusing. Trigger Isobar changed the way consumers can choose the best contract for their needs in a useful and usable way, thus assisting users in personalizing their own contracts and elevating their Cell C as the consumer champion. The solution was a contract builder living tool that evolves from user behavior and client feedback when insights revealed that consumers choose their contracts based on the phone, Trigger Isobar changed the journey and when promoted pre-made deals were making the user experience confusing they integrated hot deals into the builder. Always improving the experience, but always keeping it simple. The campaign generated in excess of R47 million worth of potential business for their client.

Getting the youth talk about Cell C

Cell C wanted to talk to the tech-savvy, street-smart youth, in their voice, on new platforms they understand, about things that are relevant to them. They’ve just left school and have just started working and they are deciding who they want to be. And they want to BE, now.

The BE message was broadcast on traditional media, but to make meaningful connections, Trigger Isobar harnessed the power of technology and the impact of digital channels with an integrated viral campaign, resulting in a 400% increase in brand interaction in youth market segment with 50% of all interaction coming in via mobile devices.

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