Garage business launches new TV campaign

Imana Foods, a  South African company that first started producing soya mince from a home garage in Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal, has launched a new television campaign to refresh its appeal and communicate its commitment to its target community.

Today Imana Foods is one of the  market leaders in the Soya mince category and the number two player in the stock cubes and economy soup market. The Companies founding vision is largely unchanged and it continues to make a difference in the lives of its customers , employees and consumers, as well as the communities they live in, by – among others – building schools and providing classroom resources.

According to marketing team leader, Debbie Nortjé, the new campaign was prompted by research that highlighted that the target market – mainly women, 25 and older, in the LSM 4-7 – believed the brand needed to keep pace with their social and economic journey.

“Our target market is upwardly mobile, they are on a path to improve their lives and the well-being of their families, and they need brands that both identify and connect with them. While acknowledging all the good things that Imana does for them and their communities, they never the less felt it was time to ‘refresh’ the Brand”.
Inspired by the ‘heart’ of the brand, Draftfcb Durban took the idea of a healthy community having a knock on effect to a healthy and happy nation as its core idea, and set out to create a campaign that celebrates Imana as being a central part of a happy, healthy community, a community that is on the move, growing.

The TVC, in particular, celebrates unity and togetherness, and highlights that good food is invariably the catalyst for this unity. Its tone, and that of the vernacular radio spots chosen to support its message engages the consumer and gets them thinking about the vibrancy and diversity of their community and the role that Imana plays in this.

“We chose television supported by to launch the campaign: TV because it gives the brand status and consumers will see that we are serious about building the Imana/consumer relationship; radio because we wanted to talk to our consumer in their home language and we wanted an on-going conversation that frequency delivers,” said Nortjé.

Draftfcb Durban’s team comprised James Dodd (Creative Director), Tony Purnell (Senior Art Director), Clive McMurray (Chairman, Draftfcb Durban) and Hedi Havercroft (Agency Producer). They worked with Gary King (Producer) and Alan Irvin (Director) of Picture Tree, Brendon Jury (Jury Music) was responsible for the sound track while Dave Harris (Freq’ncy) handled radio production.

The TVC is flighting on SABC 1, 2 and 3 as well as eTV; radio on Metro, Ukhozi fm, Umhlobo Wenene, Lesedi FM, and there is in-store activity in key communities.

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