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Kaya FM wins excellence award

Kaya FM is celebrating a successful 2012, with an increase in listenership and revenue as well as a move to brand new offices in Parktown North.

As a one of the few radio stations with an increase in audience numbers, Kaya FM was recognised earlier this month at the annual Thebe Group Chairman’s Excellence Awards held at O R Tambo Conference Centre.

The awards ceremony seeks to recognize and celebrate Thebe employees and companies who have excelled in various categories that are fundamental to Thebe’s desired level of excellence and contribute to the success of the group.

Thebe believes that public recognition of those employees and companies who excel in what they do will not only reward them but will also inspire others to emulate Thebe’s best practice.

Kaya FM was recognised in a number of categories, including Best Company Award, together with Shell, and the Community Development Award. The Johannesburg based station was overall winner in the Group Transformation Award.

Greg Maloka, MD of Kaya FM, is very proud of the recognition and the award. “We were nominated alongside Shell in the Best Company category and that, as far as I’m concerned, is an achievement in itself.” Maloka adds, “To win The Group Transformation Award is an enormous honour for all of us at the station. This award speaks to the pillars Kaya FM is founded upon, with a strong focus on development, empowerment and the community in which we live. This type of recognition is an accumulation of hard work and dedication from everyone at Kaya FM.”



The award categories include:


  1. 1.     Most Improved Company Award

This award is for the subsidiary company that has demonstrated noteworthy improvement in financial performance as well as a commitment to the Thebe Values of community, integrity, innovation, equality and quality. Amongst the list of stringent criteria, the nominees are judged on delivering a positive financial return as demonstrated by the percentage improvement in a number of financial metrics. Over and above this, companies were also rated on demonstrated commitment to transformation and meaningful community development and their contribution to group synergies and levels of employee satisfaction.

  1. 2.     Best Company Award (Flagship Award)

This award recognises the Group’s star performer on several fronts. Nominees are measured against financial return on investment and would have needed to have earned a minimum of a level 2 BBBEE rating. The company must also have demonstrated a commitment to empowering staff from diverse backgrounds.

  1. 3.     Group Transformation Award

This award looks for companies where leaders actively seek to create a positive, enabling environment for people from all walks of life and where the focus is on team work, motivation and development of leadership potential. It is headed by role models who actively encourage their employees to become involved in the community and to understand the impact of their actions on society.

  1. 4.     Community Development Award

This award is for the company that has not only made a real difference to a community, and in so doing, has also empowered its people to make a difference. CSI projects are common-place in South Africa, but CSI projects with spirit, ingenuity and a genuine commitment to creating a can-do approach to upliftment are a bit rarer. Developing communities is at the heart of what Thebe does and this award recognises that.



  1. 5.     Individual Excellence Award (Flagship Award)

The nominees for this award are all people for whom excellence is a way of life. They are part of the solution and make wonderful colleagues and team mates as they are skilled, dependable and can be relied upon to deliver. To win, however, they must have demonstrated an active commitment to Thebe’s values.

  1. 6.     Best CEO Award

This award is open to the head of all businesses in the Thebe group and aims to reward vision, leadership and performance as well as the extent to which nominees are brand ambassadors for the Thebe values, motivating and inspiring the people around them.

  1. 7.     Management Award

This award is bestowed on the best functional head or line manager. This person will have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and exemplary knowledge in their area of expertise. Any member of the senior management team or a senior specialist working for Thebe or any of its subsidiaries is eligible for this award provided they score a performance rating of at least 4.0 during 2011 / 2012 financial year. To do this, they will need to have demonstrated leadership and expertise as well as being outstanding Thebe brand ambassadors.






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