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First round of finalists announced for the 2012 Pyro Inspiration Awards

 Pyrotec, the privately-owned South African company that specialises in product identification solutions, recently announced the January finalists for the 2012 Pyro Inspiration Awards. Initiated by Pyrotec in 2008, the awards aim to establish on-pack as a stand-alone media category by recognising and rewarding outstanding on-pack innovations.

The awards recognise both promotional and information on-pack devices, and a total of three finalists were selected. In the promotional category, where products with innovative and effective on-pack promotions are recognised, two finalists were selected: Simonvlei’s Fix-a-Form™ leafletlabel which demonstrated clever use of space and also included a recipe, providing added value, and Huggies Fix-a-Form™ leaflet label, for its bold and eye-catching design.

The entries in the Promotional category were judged according to their Originality (innovation, freshness, and design), Impact (wow factor and selling power) and Clever Use of Space (amount of information, relevance to product and functionality).

Rehidrat took top honours in the Informational category for its clean, simple and easy-to-read layout. The judges agreed that the design of the Fix-a-Form™ leaflet label encouraged one to read further. The Informational category recognises brands that make clever use of on-pack space to communicate important or relevant product information.

The criteria for the Informational category take into account the Originality of the on-pack device (its readability, layout and creativity) as well as the Clever Use of Space (amount of information, relevance of information to product, and functionality).

The panel of judges consisted of experts from the Packaging and Design, FMCG, Marketing and Communications industries. Among the judges were .

The next group of entries will be judged at Durban in March.

… About the Pyro Inspiration Awards

Pyro Inspiration Awards are awarded five times a year at two month intervals for the best on-pack devices including promotional and informational and often mostly multipage labels which are produced by Pyrotec. The finalists of the bi-monthly awards proceed into the final round and are judged by a panel of esteemed judges at a gala event at the end of the year.

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