Garmin releases major update for mapping application

Garmin Southern Africa has announced Garmin Adventures a free, interactive way to swap stories with a community of fellow explorers, brag to buddies about your travels, or let friends and family find your favourite spots.

After releasing a major update to their free mapping application BaseCamp, the Garmin can now be more of a diary, a record keeper of experiences, epic journeys and weekend getaways. A way to share your adventures and allow those who were not with you to relive and experience those adventures again and again.

Users can make an adventure out of nearly anything – from climbing a mountain, hitting the highway, taming a single-track or geocaching. Any Garmin Outdoor device can be used as long as it’s capable of collecting and exporting track logs. With the journey complete users can now build the adventure in Garmin BaseCamp, with the GPS data in hand, the free BaseCamp software walks you through the process of creating an interactive timeline. You can add geotagged photos, YouTube® videos, geocaches and notes to help guide others through the details of the experience. Once your adventure is logged on BaseCamp, it can be shared with friends and family! You can email your adventure, share it on social media platforms such as Facebook® and Twitter®, or post it in to favourite forums.

Using BaseCamp will also allows users to leave comments on other’s adventures and even rate them.

Garmin Adventure[1]

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