Anthony Dart new creative director at Spaghetti Media




Anthony Dart has been appointed as the new Creative Director at Spaghetti Media. Dart, who is highly regarded in the design industry for his creative work, joins Spaghetti Media at a time of rapid growth for the agency.

Dart describes his talents as those of a multi-disciplinary designer / director working in the fields of graphic design, typography, motion design and music production. His appointment at the production house is seen as a leap ahead and completes a multi-disciplinary approach that Spaghetti Media offers its clients, which includes the business aspect, creative design, composition and direction. He believes that his new role as Creative Director at the production house performs an integral role and is “the perfect fit”.

 “I like my work to have meaning – to be clean and well crafted. There is always a strong emphasis on the typographic in my work. I like to use mixed media elements, often combining photography, hand drawn elements or 3D to complete my projects. I love motion design and music production with a strong disposition towards sound design – using field recordings and analog synthesis” says Dart of his work.

Andrew Lester, director at Spaghetti Media and the entrepreneurial spirit behind the team, notes that the addition of Dart to the skills set at Spaghetti Media, coupled with the creative skills available complete the team and create a formidable player in the industry.  “I have always admired Anthony’s work. We are excited to have him as part of the team. We have some pretty big ideas and Anthony gives us the creative nous to achieve a lot of these.”

The 5 day Challenge:

Spaghetti Media have introduced a challenge to their team to create a sub 30 second production each week, including animation.  The plan is to push the team to improve workflows, brainstorming capabilities and creative excellence over the next 6-12 months. Spaghetti believe in creative ‘gestalt’. Anthony Dart brings a hybrid media understanding and creative single mindedness that will facilitate this collective contribution.

The Five Day Challenge videos can be viewed on the Spaghetti Media Vimeo  and YouTube channels.

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