AdReview goes online

Tony Koenderman’s AdReview is positioned as an essential handbook for those making choices in marketing. Looking for a new agency, design shop or public relations consultancy? AdReview can tell you who’s biggest, who’s growing fastest, who’s winning the most new business, who’s winning the creative awards…who’s hot and who’s not. And a lot more.

AdReview is published once a year, in early May.  Originally it was carried only by Finweek, but now it is carried by AdVantage as well, as a bonus to readers of those two publications.

But what AdReview does once a year, AdReview Online will do on a continuous basis throughout the year.  It will track awards, new business, significant developments such as mergers and takeovers, senior executive movements as they happen. The Creative League Table will be updated as each awards event occurs, keeping a running total of who’s leading the race. The same will apply to new business wins.

And every weekend we will provide you with a concise summary of the week’s important news. This is intended to keep the busy marketer informed about the important things, the funny things and the things people are talking about.

Read THEWEEKINTEN, your 10-minute catch-up, with Tony Koenderman.


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